Tagged to Teach Ag – Brock Burch, Casper FFA

by Addysen Rosner, Wyoming FFA Secretary

The key to any chapter’s success is an enthusiastic agricultural education teacher standing beside their students pushing them to achieve their dreams, and this is proven true when reflecting on the success the Casper FFA has seen with the help of their advisor.  Brock Burch strives to help students achieve their goals both inside and outside the classroom, continually inspiring his students to persevere to impact the ag industry.

Burch was born and raised in Wyoming, proudly hailing from Casper his whole life. His involvement in the agriculture industry started at an early age growing up on his family’s ranch where he found a passion for agricultural education. He began hosting clinics at the age of 14 and had the opportunity to coach his first judging team at the age of 18, fueling his desire to become a teacher. He began teaching in 2000, starting his career in Nebraska but soon returning to his hometown in 2001 to begin teaching ag education at Natrona County High School and serving as the advisor for the Casper FFA.

Although the Casper FFA has seen many successes throughout the years, Burch strives to help teach students practical skills to continually allow them to grow as individuals. He stated “We are blessed to have a wealth of intelligent, hardworking young individuals in the ag program…. The most important thing I can teach these students to work towards something.”

Burch continues to encourage students within his program to push themselves to achieve their goals and constantly improve. You can see him implement this both inside and outside the classroom as he regularly adapts his curriculum to meet the industries newest standards or seek guidance from experienced individuals to help coach a career development event practice. Mr. Burch feels that we should always strive to continue learning and seek improvement continuously, motivating his students to be the progressive agriculturalists to continue leading our industry.

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