2023 State FFA Photographer Pool

Are you a former FFA member or supporter turned professional photographer who would love to give back to a fantastic organization?  Need to build your event photography portfolio and don’t mind some volunteer work?  Want to get your work in front of 1,500 students from across the state?  Consider donating your time to the Wyoming FFA Association.

Wyoming FFA is starting a photographer pool for the 2023 Wyoming FFA Convention. 

The convention will be held April 19-22, 2022, in Cheyenne.  Several 3-4 hour shifts will be available each day.  Sign up for a single shift or multiple shifts…it’s up to you.  Once we’ve received all the applications, we will make assignments and confirm your availability.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll indicate your interest/availability for one or more shifts during the Wyoming FFA Convention via the form listed below by March 24, 2023.

Several 3-4 hour shifts will be available each day.  Sign up for a single shift or multiple shifts…it’s up to you.  Wyoming FFA will review the applicants, we will make assignments and confirm your availability.

You’ll be issued media credentials and given some assignments for the shift, anything from shooting career development events to covering the stage events at our sessions.  You’ll also receive information on how to submit your photos.

After your shift is complete,  you’ll upload your favorite 10-30 images to a Google Drive folder under your name.  Photos should be delivered to the Wyoming FFA within 4 hours of morning or afternoon shifts or by noon the next day following an evening shift.  

Your photos may get used on social media, as part of our convention slide show, or in future publications.  You’ll receive a photo credit and your contact information/logo will be displayed on the Wyoming FFA website, in our convention material, and you’ll be listed as a sponsor in future publications.

You’ll retain ownership of the photos, but give the Wyoming FFA non-profit generating usage rights.  We will not sell your photos, but will use them when appropriate (and with a photo credit)  to tell the Wyoming FFA Convention story.  You can use those photos in your portfolio and in your marketing efforts as examples of your work.


This is a volunteer opportunity only. 

We know, we know… ”exposure” doesn’t pay your bills.  We get it.  But our convention is a labor of love that relies on volunteer work.  We’re hoping there are some past FFA members or supporters with awesome photography skills out there who love the organization and want to help give back to FFA.

We will also provide meal tickets to eat at the convention hall during your shift.

Expectations for Image:

Images may be shot in RAW but submitted as JPEGs.  Before submitting, they should white-balanced, color corrected, cropped and straightened.  Images should be edited with a classic, clean edit (we can give you our typical adjustments if you prefer).  Skin tones must be true to life.


We’re looking for professional photographers or adult hobbyists with professional or advanced amateur-level skills.  You must have your own transportation.  You should be comfortable shooting in a variety of lighting conditions, have your own equipment and be able to walk, stand and sit for extended periods of time. 

The environment depends on your shift but may include indoor arenas, concrete floors, industrial arts shops, or classrooms.

These are mostly indoor events, with environments that include classrooms, indoor arenas, and event centers.  The lighting is terrible, and you’ll often need to work with a long lens to photograph the action without being a distraction to the participants.  

Suggested equipment:

-DSLR or mirrorless camera capable of rendering quality images shot at ISO 3200 to 6400.

-70-200 f/2.8 lens or equivalent wide-aperture super-telephoto lens

-Wide angle f/2.8 or faster lens (35mm or wider)

To Apply:

Complete this form:


Please direct any questions to:
Teresa Milner
Media Relations, Wyoming FFA
(307) 575-0211

Applications (via above Google Form) due March 24, 2023.  You’ll be notified by March 31, 2023 of your shifts and given directions on what you’re covering