Our Wyoming State Fair Legacy: Wyoming AGvocacy Week

by Kirby Hales, Wyoming FFA President
Photo by Teresa Milner, Dirt Road Wife Photography

State fair creates memories that can’t be made anywhere else. Those that have gone to the Wyoming State Fair have seen the blood, sweat, and tears that are put into all of the projects presented, whether it is a member showing or the family coming to see the well-prepared animals.

This year, more than any, it was brought to my attention the importance of such an impactful week. As a state officer, I was able to interact with members in a different role and it was interesting hearing the amazing stories, from ages young and old, that came to the grounds in Douglas, Wyoming, to take in the amazing spectacle.

The state fair gives FFA members the opportunity show off the animals and projects that they had worked hard with all year. Beyond this, the ability to interact with each other is unlike anywhere else. They are able to have fun with and help friends that they made at other FFA events, strengthening those unbreakable relationships.

This next level of competition teaches these members how to win humbly but also lose with dignity. Each and every member that shows up with their projects has goals in mind when they arrive. Some may want to have the grand champion lamb where others just want to be in the top 10 of their class. It is amazing how there is such a variety of motivation and reason for being there but the most valuable is relationships and friendships.

The Wyoming State Fair impacts lives and continues to give members an experience that will last forever.

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