Photos with Ag Teachers

It’s National #TeachAg Day, a day when the ag education community comes together to raise awareness of the importance of ag teachers across our country.

My advice on how to celebrate?

Take a good photo with your ag teacher.

He won’t like it.  She’ll complain.  They’ll act like you are killing them.

Do it anyway.  Take the photo and save it to your phone, save it to your computer and print it out and stick it in a drawer.  Because before you realize it, you’ll be two decades removed from the organization with a life and a family all your own.  You’ll look back at your time in ag class, time spent wearing that blue and gold FFA jacket and you’ll be even more grateful than you are right now.

You’ll realize how much your ag teacher taught you, not just about welding and farm management, but about life in general.  You’ll understand how many sacrifices he must have made, like time away from his family so he could become part of yours.  You’ll appreciate her wisdom.  You’ll marvel at their sheer refusal to give up on you, even when you deserved to be left in the dust.  You’ll miss the ag shop, the school farm, the crazy judging trips and time spent with your ag friends.

But you’ll also miss your ag teacher.  Because he wasn’t just your teacher.  He was an advisor.  She was a mentor.  Coach. Counselor. Surrogate parent.  Financial adviser. Healer of broken hearts.


Someday, you’re going to want that photo of you with your ag teacher, of the best educator you ever knew and the person who helped you reach heights you can’t even imagine now.

So here’s to all of you who felt the calling to #TeachAg.  Our lives are forever better for your commitment.

Teresa Milner
Wyoming FFA Public Relations Coordinator



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