Teach Ag Ed: Lindsey Freeman, Agriculture Education Director, University of Wyoming

by Dayne Bradley, Wyoming FFA Parliamentarian

Lindsey Freeman was raised in Cheyenne Wyoming. In high school she intensely participated in FFA. She could not spend enough time in the ag room and even skipped a few classes to go relax in the ag shop. As a FFA member she showed sheep and swine. Now working at the University of Wyoming, Freeman teaches all of the agriculture education classes along with ag mechanics and methods of teaching ag education. Teaching at the college excites her because she is directly helping college students become ag teachers.

Freeman thinks ag education is important because many people in areas that have no exposure to agriculture and do not understand the importance of agriculture or how many people American agriculture provides for. During her FFA career Freeman had two very impactful ag teachers. They influenced her life in many ways. To this day when difficult problems arise she thinks back to how her ag teachers may handle the situation for guidance.

In her eyes future changes in agriculture will need to be made so ag can keep up with the industry and schools. Changes like implementation of computer science and technology.

“Agriculture education needs to tie back to math and english and science so ag education has an increasing relevance in schools,” explains Freeman.

She also thinks that the involvement of younger generations in agriculture will help the industry thrive and ensure success so it constantly giving back to the community. As a seventh grader Freeman was asked the difficult question to pick her future career so she could begin the process.

“I thought back to what I really enjoyed. Agriculture was my passion. I loved working with youth so a job that offers both was totally my thing!”

She is very excited about her job and says that she is so lucky to have been an FFA advisor and be able to teach ag education to future ag teachers. Some advice she has for students that want to pursue a profession in ag education is simple.

“In my opinion it is the best job ever. You get to teach enthusiastic students and make amazing friendships along the way. Teaching ag education is a job that is fun and exciting daily. It’s not an easy job but one that if you put the work in, you will surely love.”  


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