Wyoming AGvocates – Garrett Horton

As a past FFA member and now a financial officer for Farm Credit Services of America, Garrett Horton has had his fair share of being an advocate for agriculture.

Garrett’s roots began outside of Pavillion, WY where his father raised cows and his mother taught. Combining his background with being an FFA member at Pavillion High School, he had all the tools he needed to be a well-versed agvocate. Garrett quickly accepted an internship with Farm Credit Services of America in Casper, and found a passion for agricultural lending. After graduating from the University of Wyoming, he was hired in Omaha. When the spot became open, he moved back to Wyoming to be a financial officer for FCSA where he has been for eight years.

Along with FCSA, Garrett has been involved with the Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Rancher Committee, where he is able to travel and attend national conferences. Through this he is able to share his unique experience and talk to many people across the country, advocating for agriculture especially on a conversational level.

“One person at a time, wherever you can have a conversation,” Garrett says. These one-on-one conversations allow him to share his viewpoints on agriculture and clear up the misconceptions commonly perceived about agricultural practices.

Garrett also shared some tips for FFA members to follow when advocating for agriculture, saying, “We need to quit being reactive and be proactive with agriculture.

“All agriculturalists have a good story, we just don’t share it until there is a problem. We all need to get in front of our message, stand up for what we believe in, and be proactive with our advocacy, communicating with the public all of the incredible advances in agricultural technology and more advanced practices we use today. Whether this be through conversation, social media, or any other setting, we are well versed in our industry and have the great ability to share our stories.”

As an agriculture advocate, Garrett has an exceptional career where he is able to share with many people his story and his knowledge about agriculture. The Wyoming FFA would like to thank Garrett Horton for being one of this week’s agvoactes and being someone that FFA members can look up to as an excellent model of advocacy.

Story by Garrett Hartigan, Wyoming FFA 3rd Vice President; photo courtesy Garrett Horton

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