Behind the Scenes of the Wyoming State Fair: Getting Their Ducks in a Row

by Sydnie Eller, Wyoming FFA media intern

Wyoming State Fair has their ducks in a row. Ducks, chickens, roosters, geese, you name it. At the poultry show, they are in a row.

This year’s poultry show included one hundred and thirteen classes which featured over two hundred birds, and seventy exhibitors.

As a show that features chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese, it’s no wonder the poultry show draws the crowd it does. There is something for everyone, from the experienced showman to the beginners.

The poultry show is the perfect place to see just how much youth exhibitors care about their animal projects. One chicken gets brushed, while a duck has a fan to keep cool. These poultry showmen are serious when it comes to the care of their birds. No matter if these students are showing a cochin chicken, or a twente goose, they are here for the glory of a banner or a buckle.

But as with most everything at State Fair, these accomplishments aren’t made overnight.

One of the most important things for these showmen to do at the poultry show, is have an encyclopedia of knowledge on their bird. This knowledge includes the breed, variety, sex, and age of the bird being shown.

These showmen have spent countless hours handling their birds every day to prepare them for the judge.

Looking around at all the contestants in the poultry tent, it is obvious that each one is a dedicated showman- no different than those in the steer barn. The obvious time and dedication given to this contest by our 4H and FFA showmen, as well as their families, gives hope to the future of our livestock industry.

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