Big and Small, Wyoming’s agribusiness help power the state: Wyoming AGvocacy Week

by Dayne Bradley, Wyoming FFA Parliamentarian

Wyoming’s agribusinesses are the sometimes overlooked contribution to Wyoming’s agriculture and state economy.  Wyoming agribusinesses not only support the industry, they provide jobs and a tax base to local economies.  Some are small, sole proprietor businesses like an artificial insemination business.  Others are large corporations with Wyoming based production facility, like Y-Tex corporation in Cody.

Brown Company falls somewhere in between those two ends of the spectrum.  Brown Company, an agriculture equipment dealership, plays a vital role in the production of Wyoming agriculture by supplying service and parts to farmers and ranchers in an effort to ensure their efficiency is the best it can be.  They have dealerships in Riverton, Wheatland and Torrington.  Brown Company employ sales staff, mechanics, service technicians and support staff for the company and support agriculture in Wyoming and neighboring states.

Trevor Bekken is the General Manager/CEO of Brown Company and a past Wyoming FFA State Officer in 2002-2003.  Bekken has been a part of Wyoming agriculture for most of his life, but his role in it changed when he became the CEO of Brown Company in his twenties.

But despite the challenges of running a company spread across a state, Bekken doesn’t overlook the importance of being an advocate for agriculture.  Since Bekken was a state officer agriculture has changed a lot. In his eyes, the biggest change has been the addition of technology.

“From cell phones, to tractors that can drive themselves with a planter attached capable of independent row variability, technology is here to help agriculture flourish.”

For someone that knew very little information about agriculture, Bekken would tell them to go to the grocery store and look around, to realize that agriculture is responsible for every single thing there. From food to clothing, to everyday household products, agriculture is the primary supplier. Everyone has to eat and agriculture is the direct link to the food on your dinner table.

If he could make one change to agriculture, Bekken would level the playing field for the agriculture farmer and rancher so attention and funds went to the source. With many different channels, agriculture goods get transferred through from production to wholesale, to retail. Consumers are often unaware of the benefits offered to them from the labor of farmers and ranchers.

Bekken said if his truck was stolen by some sinister runaway cows, his farm equipment vehicle of choice to drive would be a side by side because on a farm and ranch that is the go-to mode of transportation.

So if your truck is stolen by sinister cows and you find yourself in need of a side-by-side, give the folks at Brown Company a call.  Or support one of Wyoming’s other thousands of agribusinesses in the state.  You’ll support our industry, employ Wyoming workers, contribute to a local economy and help power our state into the future.

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