Natural resources, the heart of agriculture: Wyoming AGvocacy week

by Flint Pokorny, Wyoming FFA Treasurer
photo by Teresa Milner, Dirt Road Wife Photography 

Wyoming is blessed to have vast natural resources. Natural resources are substances that can be found in nature and be used by humans. Some include minerals, plants, animals, and land. These play a major role in the success of our local economy and ripple onto a global scale.

Natural resources account for roughly 70% of our state’s income and a large portion of our job basis. Fortunately, our farmers and ranchers make sure these remain sustainable and usable for generations to come. Being true stewards of the land, farmers and ranchers across the state act to maintain healthy soil and keep our water clean. Some common practices include grazing and crop rotations as well as the extermination of noxious and non-native species. In doing so, they not only ensure the best conditions for the production of food and fiber, but also for that of native species and their ecosystems.

Healthy rangeland and farm ground also helps support healthy wildlife populations.  Agriculture helps provide the key components of wildlife habitat – food, water, shelter and space.  Our open space is critical not just for livestock production, but for animals like deer, antelope, elk, sage grouse, ducks, geese, sandhill cranes and western meadowlarks.

Thanks to our farmers and ranchers, and their active role in natural resource conservation, Wyoming will continue to have a strong economy and furnish products that service the world.

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