Wyoming AGvocates: Cody Talbott

Cody Talbott, a Wyoming native born and raised on his family ranch in Laramie stated, “You can’t take anything with you when your times done so you (FFA Members) need to be sure you pay it forward, whether that’s through volunteer work or educating others.”

In honor of advocacy week he challenges FFA members across the state to strive to serve others and most importantly serve the industry that provides so much to us all.

Talbott actively serves our agricultural industry working as an inspector for the United States Department of Agriculture visiting numerous slaughter facilities, dairies, and food manufactures within our state. Alongside working for the USDA, he remains deeply rooted in his family heritage by managing their cow/calf operation and putting up hay each year.

He additionally serves as president of the Albany County Fairgrounds Foundation, assisting in providing educational opportunities and scholarships for young agriculturalists.  Being deeply rooted in agriculture it is clear Talbott serves as an excellent advocate for our agricultural industry striving to promote education to the public and implementing the morals of a progressive agriculturalist.

Talbott feels that agriculture is facing the pressing issue of producing more product on far less acreage while fighting the struggle of depleting natural resources for consumers who are more distant from agriculture than ever. He stresses that’s why it is so crucial for FFA members to positively advocate for the agricultural industry.  As leaders of our country Talbott feels that we have the power to advocate for the industry we all love by communicating in an efficient way alongside remaining informed to ensure we are accurately representing the industry.

By Addysen Rosner, Wyoming FFA Secretary

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