Wyoming AgVocates: Wilson Renner

No matter how young or how old you are it is never too early to start advocating for the industry we all love. No one knows this better than Wilson Renner, a Meeteetse native and multi-generation sheep producer.  

In just his second year at at Northwest College studying Agroecology, Renner is already actively advocating for agriculture. As Renner moves forward in his education he hopes to reach a point where he can become a private agricultural consultant, spreading his knowledge to other farmers and ranchers across the state. With these career goals he hopes to be able to speak to those outside of agriculture to help increase awareness and knowledge about our industry.

Renner realizes that without the majority of our nation understanding where their food comes from and what agriculture is all about, agriculturists will never be able to provide for the growing population. Renner is already doing his part for the agricultural industry and he hopes that his passion will encourage other FFA members to start advocating and spread their knowledge and love for agriculture.

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