Wyoming AGvocates: Cole Coxbill

Cole Coxbill has a deep family tradition in agriculture. In Huntley, Wyoming, he is a fourth-generation farmer, owning his own cattle herd, custom spraying and trucking businesses and helping his father out on the family farm and feedlot when he can. Coxbill says he earned his civil engineering degree, but ultimately came back to the farm because of the way of life and to raise his family.

On top of being dedicated to the farm and his family, Coxbill is a strong advocate for the agriculture industry by being involved with Farm Bureau as well as being present at local and national legislative processes. He was elected to serve on the American Farm Bureau National Young Farmers and Ranchers Committee and serves as the Vice President of the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation.

Agriculture, according to Coxbill, is essential to not just his way of life, but every other person’s way of life as well. Every single household in America is touched by agriculture somehow, not just the farmers and ranchers. He believes the most pressing issue that agriculture will face in the next decade is misinformation and lack of knowledge about the industry. Coxbill articulates that it is hard for people to understand and know where we are coming from in the agriculture industry.

When asked how he thought FFA members could best serve the agriculture industry, Coxbill said that the most important thing for FFA members to do is be informed. He suggested to go be in the shoes of a farmer or rancher and get firsthand knowledge instead of relying on news and media. Farmers and ranchers are open and friendly and will be willing to answer any questions or doubts.

*For more information on the Wyoming Farm Bureau’s Young Farmer and Ranchers, click here!

by Aaron Kersch, Wyoming FFA Parliamentarian

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