Wyoming AGvocates – Shaun and Lacee Sims

“Agriculture does a lot of good things, but it’s an untold story. That’s because we as agriculturists don’t like drawing attention to ourselves.”

Shaun Sims would know about the fruits of agriculture’s labor. Shaun and His wife Lacee own and operate a sixth-generation sheep and cattle ranch settled in 1865.

After spending his life immersed in the family ranch, Shaun knows how important advocating for our industry is. He believes in the importance of telling your story, and speaking up with facts ready.

“We don’t want to be taken the wrong way. There’s a vocal minority busy falsifying agricultural facts, and we need to do our part to educate the public about what we do,” said Sims.

So, what does our part look like?

“Getting involved in your state is important. Ag related organizations do great things,” said Shaun. Shaun is President of the Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts, serves on the Board of Agriculture, and on the Animal Damage Management Board. Lacee was Vice Chair for the Beef Council and a Range Cattle Member as well.

Shaun stresses the importance of paying attention to current events and legislature. Also, staying in contact with senators and national agencies like the Forest Service and BLM is a must. “The most pressing concern facing agriculture in the near future is increased federal regulation. Legislation such as Waters of the US (WOTUS) and proposed regulations on grazing and natural resource use could drastically change how some agriculturists operate.”

Shaun and his family encourage everyone to get involved in educating the uninformed. Agriculture is an industry full of great tradition, values, and hard-working people willing to take the first step. What’s your first step? Get Involved!

by Hunter Galluzzo, Wyoming FFA Treasurer

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